Red striped turtle

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Be on the lookout for Red-eared slider turtle and report it to Biosecurity Queensland. Early detection and reporting are the key elements in controlling Red-eared slider turtle. Native to the USA, the red-eared slider is a freshwater turtle with a distinctive red strip behind each ear.

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What they look like: Red-eared Sliders are brightly marked, and look a lot like the Western Painted turtles. One difference between the two is it's top shell carapace - prounounced CARE-a-pace. The Red-eared Slider's carapace looks like a bowl turned upside down while the Painted turtle is flatter.

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She currently resides in Sonoma, California. Turtles can make fantastic pets. They are adorable, inquisitive, and extremely entertaining.

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Show less If you're looking to get a pet turtle, consider a red-eared slider turtle. This easily adaptable pet prefers warm habitats, but can thrive in a large tank. The red-eared slider is named for the red-line running behind its eyes and the sliding motion it makes as it slips from a rock into the water.

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Report all sightings or information on the illegal keeping of Red-eared slider turtle to our Customer Service Centre on or email reports and digital photographs to highrisk. Photos and accurate descriptions of where and when the animal s was sighted are critical when making a report. Detailed information allows the Victorian Government to make a timely and positive identification.

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Caring for a red eared slider properly requires more than just a bowl with a little bit of water and a rock. Aquatic turtlesincluding red eared slidersneed much more in the way of housing and lighting. Take a look at what you need before acquiring a turtle and your new pet slider will be sure to thank you.

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Red-eared slider turtles can be great pets but you have to know what you are getting into before making this big of a commitment. Those cute little turtle hatchlings you see for sale will grow into large, long-lived, and somewhat messy aquatic turtles. Be prepared for how much space and cleaning they will need.

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Red-eared Slider Trachemys scripta elegans Description The red-eared slider is perhaps the best known and most recognizable of turtles. It is a medium sized turtle with a dark green oval shell, marked with yellow in younger turtles, green legs with thin yellow stripes and a green head with a red stripe behind the eye Life History Red-eared sliders are Texas's most common aquatic turtles. These turtles get their name from a broad red stripe behind their eye and their habit of sliding off rocks and logs when startled. Older turtles are often covered with a thick coat of algae.

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Complete the Report a biosecurity risk form or; Phone: Email: nia. The red-eared slider turtle Trachemys scripta elegansoriginates from the midwestern states of the USA and northeastern Mexico. However, non-native populations of wild-living red-eared slider turtles now occur worldwide due to the species being extensively traded as both a pet and a food item.

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Red-eared sliders come by their common name for two reasons: the red ear patch on both sides of the head, and the fact that wild red-ears, when basking, are known to slide into the water at the slightest hint of danger. The red-eared slider has a long history in the pet trade, and it has been kept for many years by a wide variety of hobbyists, both beginners and veterans. For years they were sold in dime stores, and unfortunately many died due to a lack of knowledge of the children who begged their parents to buy them for them. Luckily, now that reptile enthusiasts are better educated, the red-eared slider has a better chance of survival in captivity, but it is a large turtle and should be kept only by people who are prepared to provide the proper care for it.


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