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Sex can be the ultimate expression of romantic love and intimacy. Or an emotional roller coaster. Or a tension reliever.

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AS a sex therapist, I spend lots of time dealing with problems caused by misunderstandings between the genders. There are certain mistakes I see heterosexual couples make over and over again — and most are easily fixed once you have a better understanding of what the other sex is really all about. But over time, ignorance of what the other is feeling can cost your sex life dearly.

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Taking control in bed means authentic expression in whatever form it may take. So, ask yourself: What empowers you? It comes as no shock that many people—particularly women—struggle to ask for what they want in bed.

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Registered in Ireland: In our day-to-day life, my boyfriend is gentle and caring. However, when we have sex he tends to be the dominant one, which I like. Sometimes, if he is tired or lacks confidence, he is more submissive and I find this far less attractive.

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Foreplay—the tantalizing, PLAYful activities that people engage in beFORE sex, hence the name—is commonly accepted as something that should happen before intercourse. The questions of whether it does happen, how long it typically lasts, and what people are actually doingforeplay-wise, are another story. While the study doesn't prove that heterosexual women aren't getting enough foreplay, it does suggest that lavishing your partners with lots of it adds up to more fun in the bedroom.

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Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex. The conventional wisdom is that desire precedes sexual arousal.

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It's complicated, but a new study shows that how often you get busy does impact how you feel about your partner. We've all got those friends who swear they're super satisfied with their relationship even though the last time they got busy was weeks ago. Well, according to a new study, they're not just B.

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Orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. From mind-blowing orgasmsthat have your toes curling to little blips on the radar that still feel fantastic in their own right, to orgasms that fall somewhere in the middle, orgasms vary in types and intensity. Which is a good thing.

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In it, thousands of men confess their well-guarded secrets about how they think and behave. The object of this article for you is to print it out and leave it somewhere where your wife or girlfriend will see it, and read it. That way, she'll know what you want in bed without having to have that uncomfortable conversation.

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At p. When the friend, who once had a relationship with the boyfriend, saw this, she became angry, and dragged the complainant out of the car, struck her in the face and kicked her. The friend told a different story. The friend confronted the complainant, and the complainant responded by striking her friend in the face with a closed fist.


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