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Warning: nothing to do with romance novels, but I was bored and felt like hunting down pictures of pretty people. In fact, have another picture of Matt: I get to see him live in just under two weeks! Beck was the first goofy, skinny celebrity I had a crush on.

Ddg and Mel Mel body shapes the same and play good and von and Deshae shaped the same and both trash I'm 45 years old an type 2 diabetic an looking to get in shape What do u recommend? Docter: Sugma balls lmao. Subscribe and like away!

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I ask this because I am facing the fight of my life. Turns out that the gift card came at a price, as gift cards so often do. I was entering into a deal with the devil, and the Jeremy Renner Amazon store doesn't sell souls.

As if Baymax wasn't cute enough! What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid? One of my favorites.

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My DVDs Full. Plot A hotdog girl gives one to a policeman who then allows her into a race track. While other customers swipe her hotdogs, Charlie runs off with the whole box, pretending to sell them while actually giving them away.

Just in case you want to see "more" of him Post a Comment. If you did I apologize -- that was painful.

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Sign in. This is a List of hot male actors that I wish were gay, bi, or pansexual. As of the day this list was completed I could find no information saying that these actors were anything other than straight.

The Mummy trilogy is a trilogy of movies that features mummies. The first movie was a loose remake of the original film. Instead of being straight horror, it was more of an action-adventure with a dash of comedy. They played Rick O'Connell, Evelyn Carnahan, and Jonathan Carnahan, respectively and their quest was to find ancient artifacts and treasure.